Sew Excited Toddler

ollie jacket

For the African Patchwork Challenge on Tik Tok held by African Zesty Couture I made the Ollie Jacket. My coworker's 1.5 year old is the perfect model for the jacket. 

I bought 20 10 by 10 squares from  African Zesty Couture and sewed them together as if I was making a quilt top. Then I cut the pattern out. I was nervous that the jacket would not fit because the pattern in designed for knit fabric and I was using woven. 

This was my first time creating a bomber jacket. I learned how to remove teeth from a zipper. I learned how to put a zipper and lining in a garment. I am ready to make matching jackets for me and her. She is not even my baby but we will be matching. LOL.