No Printer No Problem - Digital planning

What is digital planning? For me, it is planning using printable stickers but not printing them lol.



You can get all kinds of free printable stickers from the Internet.  Pinterest is one of my very favorite sources of free printable stickers, monthly kits, etc.

I am an Android user and I have used Google Slides, Xodo, and now I use Metamoji lite.  All of these are free apps.

You can create your own digital planner, buy one, or use a free one to see how you like it.

Here is a Free planner, the author has also created many tutorials to accompany this planner. She has inspiration as well.

Plenty of YouTube videos

Create your own planner

Digital planning with Xodo

Digital planning with Metamoji

Products at my shop can be used for digital planning and paper planning.  I use both.